You will not stop my way to Barcelona, satans!

Just what I counted the first 13 dead in Barcelona. There will probably be more. Plus the wounded. Two crazy ISISs entered with white vans the Rambla, the most visited area in the center of the metropolis. I see babies crying next to the stroller maneuvered by the father now collapsed down on the cobblestone. I see broken legs. Humble people on the ground, blood, panic, chaos, screams, inferno.
That’s what our world shows today. We get used to it, though we do not want it. The crazy ones will not stop. They have an inferno purpose: to continually provoke these crimes so that we crash under terror. To make our economies, market exchanges, currencies fall, so that we do not circulate the world, increase hatred, distrust, suspicion. To make us succumb to our own civilization.
But we will not do that! We will not give our fear on the tray. For that is how we will have lost the war with the jihadist Satanists. No! On the contrary. We will continue to go out on the street. Let’s fight with the fear in our soul that it can happen to us now, on the terrace where we drink our coffee.
I’ll go back to Barcelona. In September. Even if I know the Jihadists will hit exactly the day I get there. I’m not crazy. I do not want to die. Nor do I make the pretended hero. But why live the fear? Then what will our children and grandchildren live for? Isolation in their own cage. That will stay them. The world is not made that way. The world wants to live in freedom, joy, harmony. They want to travel. To know other places. Enjoy human diversity. Travel is the best form of peace. So you understand and respect the differences, so you love more.
Fear will not keep us stuck behind the door. We’ll get there. I will again remain silent on the Sagrada Familia sky. I’ll then go to Parc Guell. I’m going down to Rambla, where today is terror. But where tomorrow will be good again. I’m gonna drink a beer. I will greet the strolling statues and be more understanding with the beggars who will never blow up a world. I will then enjoy a café con leche. And I will be glad we’re so many tourists. I will not even remember today …
Laurentiu Ciocazanu

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