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Traveling is freedom. See the world as a unity in diversity. Once you get to see that the differences between people and places are, in fact, part of the magic of creation, you will most probably become an ambassador of tolerance & harmony. Countries, religions, languages, boundaries and relief are not sources of separation between people, but pieces of this miraculous divine puzzle that we call the WORLD. When you travel, you understand that people resemble their place on Earth. Most of them are good, welcoming, altruistic, honest and pacifist. The rest are the exceptions that confirm the rule of this great and wonderful global family.

Anybody is welcome to become my companion in this pilgrimage to the beauty of our world. No matter the profession, language or country. On one condition: post „Blitz” holiday / travel / nature images accompanied by a few lines. It’s just another form of glorifying our too generous planet.

For 25 years, as a journalist, I have written much about the evil around. Evil is and will still exist. But I have always wanted a day to „investigate” more closely and the heaven next to us. For heaven exists and will exist.

Laurențiu Ciocăzanu

By Ciocăzanu Laurențiu

Laurențiu Ciocăzanu - jurnalist

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